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Holset was established in England in 1952.The company is deeply involved in the design and manufacture of various heavy-duty engine components such as vibration dampers and couplings.The 1950s saw a rapid rise of turbocharging around the world on commercial diesel engines and in 1954 Holset sarts to manufacture Turbocharges.Today Holset is known as Cummins Turbo Technologies.While the name is relatively new, Holset has been a part of the Cummins Engine Company family for over 30 years now. Holset is a world leader in turbocharger technology and Holset turbochargers are an important element in the Cummins brand engine success throughout the world. But Holset brand turbochargers are applied to many commercial applications beyond Cummins brand engines, and include major names such as Volvo, Iveco, Detroit Diesel, and Scania among others.

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